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Renew Your Care Community's Access to Art4Life  Program Resources & Services


Sustain Your Program for the Long-Term

Annual Renewal:


Cost:  $350

Note: This is a renewal fee and does not apply to new programs.

What's Included?

Initial Art Training Workshop.png

Art4Life Program Training

Unlimited access to the 4-hour initial program training in two recorded, on-demand sessions.  Keep your staff trained and your program going strong!

Recorded - Art Exercises

Unlimited access to our library of art sessions conducted by board certified art therapists. Recorded and available on-demand for your convenience. Bring your art supplies and enjoy a therapeutic, creative session for yourself!

Bridge to Somewhere 2.png

Support Zoom Meetings (Live)

Get your questions answered.

Show off.

Learn from your peers!

Get Discovered! Stand-Out!

Remain among the communities listed on our website that go beyond traditional methods of care. Thriving4Life's programming curates connections where moments of joy and reframing of the struggles can prove

healthy and powerful.

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