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Grant Funded Opportunity for Nursing Home staff
to become Facilitators
of a therapeutic, fine
arts program.

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A Dignity-Promoting Fine Arts Initiative That Can Be Offered

in Individual or Group Settings for

Those in Isolation or Living with Alzheimer’s Disease,

Cognitive, Mental, Developmental or Other Impairments

This initiative for Nursing Homes within the State of Tennessee is a program of the Thriving4Life  nonprofit organization. It is offered by

Tennessee Technological University’s Whitson-Hester School of Nursing.


Funding is provided by a CMP grant compliments of

the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in partnership with the

Tennessee Department of Health and the Tennessee State Agency.

What's Included?
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  • Staff Training Workshop to Facilitate the Program
  • Nursing homes may choose delivery option: 
    • Virtual via Live Webinar or

    • Live On-site (we prefer as Access Permits)

  • Additional On-Demand Art-Based Trainings

  • Monthly Live Support Sessions provided online

  • Refresher Training at One Year

  • High Quality Art Materials

  • Manual including Resources and Implementation Guide

  • Written Acknowledgement of Participation

  • Impact Data & Research

Project Objectives
  • Help preserve dignity, self-expression and enhanced quality of life for Nursing Home residents

  • Reduce agitation, negative behaviors, symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Provide opportunity to stimulate the brain and reduce negative impact of isolation

  • Improve cognitive function, communication, positive interactions, autonomy, and well-being

  • Reduce antipsychotic drug use

  • Develop staff appreciation of the value of arts-based interventions

  • Equip caregivers with alternative tools to meet needs and reduce caregiver burden by enhancing relationships, facilitating care, and reducing stress

Let us know you're interested in the art program grant. Leave your info here...

"This program opened my eyes."

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Story by:   Patricia Venzant

                      Life Enrichment Coordinator

                      Kirby Pines Manor - Memphis, TN

"As Kirby Pines Manor reaches the one-year mark from our initial training, I want to share that we have thoroughly enjoyed the ArtTherapy4Life® program. We'll continue to use the program's techniques as learning tools to keep residents engaged and participating through art. This therapeutic program opened my eyes to new and different ways to encourage my residents. It has taught me to listen more intently, since each resident has their own personality and life experiences. It has enhanced trust in our relationships and brought us closer

together. One-on-one conversations have allowed residents to reminisce and share their life journey through art. Residents have experienced an increase in their self-esteem, socialization, self-awareness and motivation, improvement in their cognitive skills, and confidence in themselves. Overall, the residents were able to express their inner thoughts and happy memories in their paintings. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn what art-therapy can do for our current residents and how it can welcome new residents into our care community. Thank you so much. I’ll never forget it!”


"Perhaps the best way to describe the success of the art therapy program is to directly quote the comments provided by nursing home staff across the state of Alabama in exit interviews regarding program impact for residents in their care."    

  ~ Gayle Boswell, Executive Director

       Alzheimer's Education, Research & Services, Inc.

Wonderful!  Gives them a sense of identity back, purpose, pride, sense of self-worth. One resident came off both anti-psychotic and pain meds. Became more alert, proud. Did art for her family. Medical director is so impressed that he has volunteered to buy art supplies to enable them to continue the program.

Residents look forward to art. It has made them aware that activities can be used to help them get involved and to use their motor skills.  CNAs are more involved. Families also enjoy it and are impressed by the program.

Thank you for making the residents and me (activity director) realize that there’s much quality of life remaining even in residents who are verbally unable to communicate.

I was so amazed at the difference in their behaviors and talents.

Thank you for your consideration of this important grant funded project for Tennessee nursing homes that qualify. We will provide training for your staff to facilitate this therapeutic art program. We're confident that this program will create opportunities for unique and rewarding life-affirming moments for care professionals, participants and family members.


Our program consists of art activities best used with diverse populations developed in consultation with a registered and credentialed Art Therapist.  This program and research are designed for those living with dementia, cognitive, mental and developmental impairments as well as other diagnoses. 

From watercolors, colored pencils to collage and an array of other materials, this educational training is a combination of listening, learning and a hands-on approach in how to start and sustain a successful activities program that greatly differs from art and crafts.


The arts have a unique ability to help individuals get in touch with their real identity and surroundings.  Helping individuals to remain present and connected is key to offsetting the impact of isolation and transition trauma which often lead to delirium and loss of self.

Social distancing among the family, gran

The arts are not limited to a select group of privileged individuals.  Illness has a very leveling effect and the very nature of the arts means that everyone—regardless of ethnic group, race, age, economic status, geographical region or diagnosis—can enjoy all that the arts can bring to care experiences.

The Art Therapy4Life – Tennessee

Project Team

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