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We're About to Start Year 3 of the Grant!

Eighty-four (84) nursing homes are already participating in this no-cost grant opportunity. In total, 100 nursing homes across the State of South Carolina will receive our therapeutic, expressive art program.  Don't miss out!

We provide quality art materials, training, resources, s
upport, and listing on our Participating Care Communities web page for the duration of this three-year grant initiative — at no cost to you. We train your staff to deliver this fine-arts program that greatly differs from arts and crafts.

Art4Life   is a Dignity-Promoting Arts Program That Can Be

Offered in Individual or Group Settings for

Those in Isolation or Living with Alzheimer’s Disease,

Cognitive, Mental, Developmental or Other Impairments


See our Program Impact Report:


The South Carolina Board of LTC Administrators has approved Art4Life program training for CE Hours through CE Broker.  Who's eligible?

Administrators, Nursing, Activities, Social Services, Therapy, Medical Services/Records, Food Services & Pharmaceutical Staff.
As a trusted partner in health care quality and member of the Health Quality Innovation Network, Constellation Quality Health (formerly CCME) is pleased to support the Art4Life program which aligns with its scope of work and quality improvement initiatives.

This initiative for South Carolina Nursing Homes is a program of the Thriving4Life   nonprofit organization. It is offered by

Tennessee Technological University’s Whitson-Hester School of Nursing.


Funding is provided by a CMP grant compliments of

the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in partnership with the

South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control.

What's Included?
Art4Life program training
  • Staff Training Workshop to Facilitate the Program via Live Webinar (Zoom)
  • Additional, Recorded, On-Demand Art-Based Exercises with an Art Therapist

  • Live Support Zoom Sessions provided online

  • Refresher Training Opportunities

  • High Quality Art Materials

  • Manual including Resources and Implementation Guide

  • Written Acknowledgement of Participation

  • Impact Data

  • 4 Continuing Education Hours

  • Care Center Listed on our "Participating Partners" page via our website - so others can find you!

Project Objectives
  • Help preserve dignity, self-expression and enhanced quality of life for Nursing Home residents

  • Reduce agitation, negative behaviors, symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Provide opportunity to stimulate the brain and reduce negative impact of isolation

  • Improve cognitive function, communication, positive interactions, autonomy, and well-being

  • Reduce antipsychotic drug use

  • Develop staff appreciation of the value of arts-based interventions

  • Equip caregivers with alternative tools to meet needs and reduce caregiver burden by enhancing relationships, facilitating care, and reducing stress

Complete this form and we'll contact you about the grant.  Thank you.

Find out how this program is impacting nursing homes across the states of South Carolina and Tennessee.
See the knock-your-socks-off art images and stories here:

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